.NET Core memory dump from kubernetes pod

Petr Kostelanský | 21 June 2024
If you notice your app memory is growing try to do gcdump and investigate it.

In my case the app is .NET app running in Linux docker container in k8s pod.

Switch to a k8s namespace of your app:

kubectl config set-context --current --namespace test-app-dev

Open bash on your app container running in k8s pod:

kubectl exec -i -t test-app-pod --container test-app-service -- /bin/bash

Run these commands in container bash:

apt-get update
apt-get install curl 
curl -L -o dotnet-gcdump https://aka.ms/dotnet-gcdump/linux-x64
chmod +x dotnet-gcdump
./dotnet-gcdump collect -p 1
gzip /app/20240108_212900_1.gcdump

Copy gcdump file from the pod container to your local storage:

kubectl cp "test-app-pod:/app/20240108_212900_1.gcdump.gz" ./20240108_212900_1.gcdump.gz

Then you can investigate gcdump in VisualStudio

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