Articles by: Petr Kostelanský

MSBuild csproj - run Powershell script before rebuild

Sometimes you will need to run PowerShell or another script before the Rebuild process. To do that you can extend *.csproj file with Exec node and place your script call into Command property.

Manage Linux in Docker containers [locally]

If you use Docker containers for development you have probably encountered how to easily manage containers. So let me tell you a bit about Kitematic.

Total Commander: exclude folders from search

Sometimes is needed to exclude folders from search in Total Commander and make searching faster. We can make it by adding string pattern described below into search input.

ASP.NET Core: XML request and response

In ASP.NET Core is preferred to used JSON for request parameter and for the response. But sometimes we need to use XML in POST Body and get XML response.

PowerShell: Runnig scripts is disabled (Execution Policies)

When you try to run Powershell script for the first time you will get an error because default execution policy for Windows is to not run Powershell scripts and we have to change this policy before.

PowerShell: Remove Docker containers and images

I would like to share with you Powershell script for handling Docker containers and images especially removing them. This script saved me a lot of time because I need relatively often recreate docker images to get new changes inside.